Do your gutters need to be replaced?

September 9, 2021 | by Lance Abercrombie

Every rainy day, your gutters and downspouts are working to keep water away from damaging the home. Although some gutters may have provided years, or even decades of trouble-free service, every installation is destined to expire. If you’re not certain whether or not it’s time for replacement, keep a look-out for these indications of failure.

When properly installed and functioning, your gutters & downspouts go a long way toward protecting your home against rain. Although high-quality gutters that are well-maintained are expected to last many years, they won’t last forever.

Continue reading to learn what signs may indicate that your gutters need to be replaced.

How to tell if your gutters need to be replaced

Cracked gutters

Larger cracks may be easy to spot. However, smaller cracks may only be noticeable while it’s raining. Big or small, a crack in your gutter defeats the purpose of the designed drainage system. Some cracks may be able to be repaired while other, more extensive cracking, is most likely a sign that it’s time for replacement.


Check for drooping or signs of separation at the seams. Sometimes, the gutter seams can be repaired. However, if you’re replacing them entirely, consider opting for seamless gutters to avoid this issue altogether.

Peeling Paint

If you notice the paint on your home or gutters (if painted) bubbling up or peeling, it’s most likely being caused by excess moisture. This may indicate a leak in the gutters.

Rot or Mildew

Rot and/or mildew are both signs of inadequate drainage. Your downspouts should be installed to drain the water further away from the home so that the rainwater is not accumulating near the foundation of your home. If you notice water puddling around the foundation, it may be a sign to assess the design and/ or functionality of your gutter system.


It’s no secret that gutters are something that must be maintained. However, cleaning gutters can be a huge hassle and oftentimes gets forgotten, delayed, or completely overlooked. If you dread the idea of this task as much as most homeowners, you may want to consider installing gutter guards. There are several types of gutter guards available to help catch leaves and debris from building up in your gutters. Gutter guards can not only save you the time it takes to keep up with your gutter maintenance, but can also save you money down the road as they will help to prolong the life and quality of your gutters.

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