Which Is Better – Fiberglass or Vinyl Windows?

June 1, 2023 | by Mike Poole

Windows can make or break the aesthetic of your home. Windows with broken glass or a foggy appearance are not inviting. However, large, clear windows are welcoming and appealing, not to mention more energy efficient. If you’re considering window installation in Atlanta, GA, there are two main window types to consider: fiberglass and vinyl. Here, we’ll go over what these windows are, their price points, and their benefits or disadvantages.

Fiberglass Windows

A newer development in windows, fiberglass is constructed of glass fibers and polyester resin. The glass is fashioned into either strands or mats and saturated with resin, creating a strong, lightweight material. Fiberglass is available in many colors, can be painted, and even comes in textured surfaces. These benefits, and its strong construction, make it a popular choice. A 48-inch window will cost anywhere from approximately $550 to $1,700, not counting installation costs.

Vinyl Windows

The base of vinyl windows is a material called polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. Some variations also include metal to stiffen the frames. This type of window first appeared in the 1970s and has been popular ever since due to its affordable price and availability. Unlike fiberglass, which needs re-painting in time, vinyl windows don’t need to be painted … ever. They’re also very energy efficient because they can be filled with insulation to trap air. In the long term, vinyl windows will save you money on heating and cooling and ultimately keep your house from feeling drafty. For a 48-inch window, the price ranges from roughly $520 to $730 before installation.

So, which should you choose?

Fiberglass windows are stronger than vinyl, but have limited availability, cost more, tend to fade in sunlight, and are difficult to install. Though they only need to be re-painted every five years or so, the maintenance can result in airborne fibers, which may bother those with asthma or other breathing conditions.

Vinyl windows, which are less expensive and more readily available, will never fade, last up to 30 years, and increase the value of your home. They are much easier to install, and if damage ever occurs, can easily be removed and replaced. 

With all this in mind, vinyl windows are a better, more convenient option than fiberglass, making them an ideal addition to your home. If you’re looking to replace your windows, Southern Exteriors provides high-quality vinyl window installation. Our Energy Star rated windows come in several styles, allowing you to enhance the beauty of your home in an affordable way. To schedule a free consultation, call us today at 678-661-4438!